Transforming the world starts with serving our own community

The essence of our Bethel Christian School community lies in the multitude of ways love is displayed. We place a high value on family connection, and we love your involvement. We organize various community gatherings through out the year to foster connections between new and existing families. Our thriving fine arts and athletics programs also offer many opportunities for connection.

Moreover, we extend numerous service hour opportunities to parents, ranging from assisting with important school events to joining us as prayer partners.

Vetting Our Volunteers

Child and Youth Safety

Creating a safe community is essential to our mission. All volunteers who come into contact with children at the school go through a thorough vetting process according to our Child and Youth Protection Policy.

Ways for Parents and Students to Serve

Color Run

Every year, Bethel Christian School extends an invitation to our community to join us in the endeavor of gathering financial support for our school.

Annually, we organize a Color Run in which individuals and classes collaborate to achieve their fundraising goals. The culmination of this initiative entails a thrilling race for students on the picturesque grounds of the Bethel campus, accompanied by volunteers showering them with vibrant colored powder.

This school-wide inclusive event calls upon you to participate, contributing to the success of the occasion and fostering a spirit of benevolence and generosity.

Service Hours

Bill Johnson says it well: “Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with the heart of a king.”  At BCS, we foster a culture where service does not come from a sense of obligation but instead from the overflow of sons and daughters walking in their God-given identities of kindness and generosity.

Because school is a family experience we ask that all two-parent households complete 30 hours of service per year and single-parent households complete 15 hours of service per year.

At the end of the school year, your school account will be charged $10 for every service hour not completed.

We offer a variety of opportunities to serve throughout the year and extend a warm invitation for you to join us in partnering with the divine to establish His Kingdom here on earth at Bethel Christian School.

Parent Service Hour Opportunities

Connect with Kindra Cushman or Cheree Foy for more info.
(530) 246-6010

Record Service Hours

Traffic Control  / Crosswalk

Keeping children safe on the way to school.

Lunch & Recess Assistance

Helping our recess team.

School Upkeep

Helping us with special projects on the school grounds.

Field Trip Chaperone

Coming along with us on the adventure.

Classroom Help

Assisting our teachers in practical ways.

Class Parties

Helping make the party happen.

Lost and Found Management

Organizing belongings left behind.


Providing childcare for others who are serving at BCS.

Blessing Staff and Teachers

Every $10 spent to bless our staff counts as an hour of service.

Remedial Support Over and Above Regular Homework With Your Kids

Any time spent tutoring your child to address a learning difficulty is counted as parent service.

Color Run

Our volunteers make the race possible!

Creative Arts Department Event Assistance

Assisting in making the plays and recitals happen.

Provide food for staff meetings

Every $10 spent on food for staff meetings counts as one service hour.

Prayer & Intercession with Mrs Cushman

Showing up and praying for our school.

Prayer Shield

Every hour spent praying as a family for BCS counts as service hours.

Interested in BCS?

Discover who we are, the experience we offer your family, and schedule a visit to our Redding, CA campus.

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