Dreams Take Center Stage

Welcome to a community where fine arts education thrives! We believe in nurturing not only academic excellence but also creativity in every child.

Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the arts and inspire a lifelong love for creativity. Together, we'll create a foundation where dreams take center stage, and artistic aspirations flourish.


Students will cultivate the artist within through our art program, where creativity knows no bounds.

Students explore various mediums and techniques, expressing their unique perspectives and unleashing their imagination onto canvas. The results are often showcased in exhibitions celebrating the diversity of artistic expression.


Harmonizing with beautiful melodies, our talented students showcase their vocal prowess in captivating performances.

Witness the magic of music come to life in our inspiring Christmas Choral Arts Performance, where the joy of the season is expressed through soulful voices.


Step into a realm of grace and movement as students take the stage in our spring dance productions. From classical to contemporary, our dance program explores a variety of styles, allowing students to express themselves through the language of movement.


Unleash the power of storytelling through our drama program. From imaginative plays to thought-provoking productions, our students develop confidence and creativity as they bring characters to life on stage.

Fine Arts FAQ

Can my children take dance classes at BCS?

We offer dance or PE during the school day, and we have a variety of dance classes available after school. Dance classes do have an extra cost associated.

What ages can get involved in drama?

We teach drama to grades K-8 as part of our fine arts curriculum, and we have a Grades 5-6 drama in the fall and a Grades 7-8 drama in the spring.

Interested in BCS?

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