Preparation to engage our world

Middle school at BCS expands upon the foundation laid in elementary to foster leadership skills and give students opportunities to engage in their world.

Students start the year off with a spiritual emphasis camp that is a  unifying and enriching experience to center students around God as they love each other. Throughout the year, students are stretched academically, socially, and spiritually.

7th & 8th Grade Experiences

In addition to the core subjects, 7th and 8th graders also take electives bi-weekly. Some favorites include outdoor adventuring, student leadership, and story writing.

7th grade students engage in a week called Spheres of Influence in which they hear from professionals from all the seven spheres and get real world experience.

8th grade students go on a mission trip at the end of the school year, giving them an opportunity to practice the skills they have learned through their years at BCS.

BCS  Curriculum

To cultivate a passion for learning, BCS collaborates with curriculum providers who offer outstanding lesson plans that adhere to state standards while also making the learning process enjoyable. We adjust and adapt all curriculum to align with biblical standards, and the result is an excellent, Christ-centered education.

BCS is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Regular assessments of academic standards are conducted to uphold the school's commitment to delivering high-quality instruction and meeting accreditation requirements. BCS follows the guidelines set forth by the California Department of Education, which has adopted the Common Core State Standards.

Language Arts

The language arts program at BCS fosters a vibrant learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels can expand their knowledge and become impactful contributors to society.

Established through a collaboration between Harvard's Graduate School of Education and Outward Bound USA, EL curriculum offers an exceptional program for students to engage in their world through language. We have modified/adapted the curriculum to align to our biblical values while retaining the strengths of the program.

Students experience dynamic learning through collaborative projects centered around excellent literary works.

Additionally, the development of character is encouraged as students work diligently to accomplish performance tasks at the conclusion of each module. (Please note that we have adapted the EL curriculum to meet our needs and do not use all of the resources listed on the website.)


BCS uses the Zearn math curriculum to provide each student with a unique learning experience.

Teacher instruction is paired with online differentiated support. Students use their Zearn accounts to complete missions as they watch instructional videos, practice important concepts, and receive feedback as they go.

BCS’s math program aids in helping all students achieve the common core standards through an online algorithm that discovers the needs of every student.


We care about students actively practicing what they learn.BCS partners with the award-winning StemScopes curriculum to provide an exhilarating experience for 6th-8th graders.

Created by teachers, StemScopes excellently pairs instructional information with hands-on activities.

Social Studies

Social studies at BCS aims to teach students about history through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Bob Jones Heritage Studies curriculum allows students to evaluate historical events and characters from a biblical standard.

As students learn about past mistakes and successes, they can become informed citizens who make wise decisions to transform culture.

Physical Education

The middle school Physical Education program teaches students to play a wide range of sports, honing in on the basic skills and knowledge needed to play.

Alongside skill development, the PE program emphasizes physical fitness by training students to build muscle, enhance endurance, and improve flexibility.

As students continue to hone in on their skills, they also work on developing character that exemplifies good sportsmanship. Respect for rules, opponents, and teammates is instilled in students to prepare them for seasonal sports.

BCS prides itself in creating a sports environment that honors God through excellence and character formation.


A BCS developed program founded on scripture engagement and friendship with God.

The curriculum takes students through each part of the biblical narrative: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, while inviting them to live in God’s story.

Students are equipped with practical skills for developing a lasting relationship with God and through receiving His love, receive the foundations that build a love for others.

Student Learning Support from The Dream Team

Our BCS Dream Team works with students who may need extra academic assistance. For K-4 classrooms, the team collaborates with teachers to facilitate small-group learning for all students. They also provide focused, one-on-one learning support and group enrichment for students in K-8.


BCS provides an AfterCare program for students to have a safe place to go while their parents finish work. AfterCare is time of decompression, homework, and friendship.

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