Love God

Because I’ve received the love of God, I show respect for Him, myself, and others.

I am a resilient disciple that expresses a genuine desire to grow in an intimate relationship with Jesus, displays a hunger for and obedience to God’s word, and welcomes Christ’s rule in every aspect of life: spirit, soul, and body.

Love Others

Because I love others, I value keeping myself and others safe.

I am a community builder that helps to create connections with others, seeks to make peace and bring reconciliation, and shows the love and kindness of Christ to others.

Love Learning

Because I love learning, I am willing to humbly learn from others.

I am a lifetime learner that demonstrates perseverance and tenacity in pursuing academic growth, effectively communicates insights that enrich other’s learning, and displays integrity, excellence, and a love for learning inside and outside of school.

Carry Hope

Because I carry hope, I am motivated to grow in responsibility in order to care for the world around me.

I am an innovative world changer that allows God’s Spirit and word to empower me to live a life that shifts atmospheres wherever I go.

I celebrate diverse forms of arts, cultures, or athletics and bring the kingdom into my respective area of influence.

I seek opportunities to develop and bless others with my God-given spiritual gifts and talents at school, in my community, and abroad.

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