In 1988, King's Kids Christian School was established by Bethel Church with the purpose of nurturing and guiding children in the ways of the Lord. The school's initial leadership was led by Ray Larson, the senior pastor at that time. It was situated at the former church location on North Bechelli Lane and initially offered classes from preschool to third grade. As the school gained more students, additional classes were introduced to accommodate the growing enrollment.


In 1993, the school underwent a name change to Bethel Christian School when it introduced a high school program. However, the high school program was short-lived and concluded in 1995. In November of the same year, Bethel Church and School relocated to their present site on College View Drive. The frequent changes in school administration during the first nine years posed challenges to the school's sustainability.


Bill Johnson assumed the role of senior pastor at Bethel Church in 1996. Under his leadership, the commitment to Bethel Christian School was firmly established. Pastor Bill Johnson believed that it was the church's responsibility to create an environment that supports parents in their duty to raise their children in the ways of the Lord.


Following Bill Johnson's arrival, Bethel Christian School welcomed a new principal, Don Mayer. As a longstanding member of Bethel Church and chairman of the school board, Don Mayer provided the wisdom and stability of leadership BCS needed. The school realigned its philosophy with the church's focus on seeking a deep understanding of God and His ways.


In 2006, Bethel Christian School received accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The school also developed a vibrant performing arts program, competitive sports programs, an outstanding academic curriculum, and, most importantly, a profound emphasis on the spiritual development of its students.


Susan Allen became the Head of School and Principal of Bethel Christian School K-8 after serving as the vice principal under the leadership of Don Mayer. In 2022, BCS launched the Encounter High School program, a hybrid discipleship program for high schoolers to encounter the radical goodness of God in community.

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