Bethel Christian School (BCS) requires that all adults engage in safe, supportive, and respectful interactions with children at all times. The following outlines appropriate and expected conduct for physical behavior, verbal and digital communication, general conduct, and reporting.


  1. In my interactions with students, I will be careful to reduce potential risks by following the strategies of minimizing isolation (Rule of Three), increasing accountability, and balancing power and control.
  2. For accountability and collaboration purposes, I will notify my administrator and get written permission from children’s parents when engaged in ongoing extracurricular small-group or one-on-one mentoring relationships with students as outlined in the BCS Child Protection Policy. (Example: meeting regularly for Bible study with students during lunch or after school.)
  3. As a person who has engendered trust from a child, I will not tolerate neglect or physical, emotional, or sexual child abuse.

Appropriate physical behavior includes contact that maintains physical boundaries at all times and only consists of public and nonsexual touches, such as:

  • pats on the back or shoulder
  • child-initiated or sanctioned hugs
  • holding hands with a younger child to cross campus safely

Inappropriate physical behavior is any contact that abuses, exploits, or harasses the child, such as:

  • slapping, shaking, pinching, hitting, punching, pushing, grabbing, kicking, spanking, or unnecessarily restraining students
  • patting the buttocks
  • touching private body parts
  • intimate/romantic/sexual contact or inappropriate emotional attachment with students
  • possessing/viewing/accessing/downloading pornography or involving children in pornographic viewing or activities


I will use caution and discretion in all verbal, nonverbal, and digital communication with students (including email, text, all forms of social media, etc.) I will be guided by principles of professionalism and integrity.



- Positive reinforcement or loving correction with a pedagogical purpose when used consistently and equally for all children


- Profanity, sexual innuendo, or risqué jokes.

- Yelling, threatening, ridiculing, shaming, humiliating, or degrading comments.



- Emails with pedagogical purposes and subject to periodic monitoring.


- Private messaging via private phone messaging, social media, and/or online gaming communities.

- Allowing unsupervised access to electronic devices that may expose children to inappropriate content.

Adults will:

  • Treat all children with respect and provide safe and supportive interactions that foster children’s social, emotional, and academic development.
  • Fully cooperate with and participate in needed discussions about child safety.
  • Comply with mandated reporter procedures required by the State of California.

Adults will not:

  • Engage in any inappropriate behaviors outlined above.
  • Use or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs in the presence of children. Adults are expected to self-manage the use of prescription medications and to report any potential impairment risk to an administrator.
  • Give individual children gifts (that other children in the class do not also have the opportunity to receive) without the knowledge of the children’s caregivers.


I will immediately report any reasonable suspicion, knowledge, and/or disclosure of the following to an administrator and, if merited, appropriate legal authorities:

  1. inappropriate behavior between an adult and child/children,
  2. significant misconduct by students or staff,
  3. violations of this policy by students or staff


I understand that children have intrinsic value as declared in scripture and deserve our respect, nurture, care, and protection. I understand the Bible is clear on warnings towards those who mistreat children. I am committed to treating children fairly regardless of race, gender, age, or religion.

My signature confirms that I have read the BCS Child/Youth Protection Policy and BCS Staff and Volunteer Child Safety Code of Conduct and commit to these expectations, regardless of differences in cultural background, family background, or personal convictions.

I understand the definitions of harassment and abuse as outlined in the online safety training and am familiar with the policies and protocols that all BCS staff and volunteers must follow. I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct or failure to report any violations may result in disciplinary action not excluding immediate dismissal from BCS. I understand that BCS will fully cooperate with proper legal authorities if allegations of abuse are made.